Spa / Pool Heaters and Fire Rings

Pool & Spa Heater

Save money on your utility bill! Switch to a gas spa heater or a gas pool heater that maintains the temperature of your spa or pool. Find out how Discount Propane can install, service or repair any gas spa or pool heater.

Gas Fireplace

Gas Fire Place LogsetsDiscount Propane offers a wide selection of gas fireplaces and vented logs that will suit any style and size home can easily be installed, lower your heating costs and change the environment of your home.

Commercial Propane

Commercial Propane

Servicing and repairing commercial propane appliances and products such as kitchen fryers, gas stoves, water heaters and dryers for restaurant, kitchens, laundry mats, or hotels is just a few of the commercial propane services Discount Propane offers.

Forklift Propane

Forklift Propane

Discount Propane delivers propane for forklift propane tanks through a forklift exchange system using a “Keep Full” or “Will Call” basis that best serves your commercial business’s needs.

About Discount Propane

Discount Propane is a full service propane dealer that makes deliveries to residential, commercial, forklift and wholesale businesses. We specialize in repairing all gas appliances such as commercial equipment or pools or home appliances, gas fireplaces and logs, and outdoor kitchens. Plants are located in Orlando and DeBary, with a dispensing unit in DeBary; serving Central Florida as far North as Palm Coast in Flagler County to as far south as Davenport, and from the East Coast of Florida to as far west as the Eustis and Tavares area. Check our coverage map for propane delivery, installation and service.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Call our main number, 386-668-0111, and we will have someone who can be reached 24 hours a day for emergency service.

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