above ground propane twist
Inground Propane Tank Hole

Propane Tank Installation Code Requirements

120 (100 gallon) Above Ground Propane Tank

Five (5) feet from any opening of a house (doors and windows)
If the bottom of a window is higher than 32 inches, the tank can go directly under the window.
If the window is a permanently shut window that can not be opened, there are no distance requirements.

All other propane tanks

Same as all the above
Ten (10) feet from a building
Ten (10) feet from property line that can be built upon
**Some municipalities require ten (10) feet from property line**

Underground Hole Sizes

120 Gallon Underground Propane Tank
30” Deep 30” Wide 6’ Long

250 Gallon Underground Propane Tank
4’ Deep 4’ Wide 8’ Long

Standard ASME Propane Tank Specifications
Capacity Diameter Length Tank Weight
120 24″ 68″ 288 lbs.
250 30″ 94″ 542 lbs.
500 37″ 119″ 1062 lbs.
1000 41″ 192″ 1983 lbs.